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Roemer van Toorn is the Architecture Theory professor at the UMA School of Architecture, Umeå University, since 2010 in Sweden. From 1993 till 2010 he has been in charge of the History and Theory program and was Head of publications at the Berlage Institute. He has been a guest professor and researcher at the Delft School of Design at the University of Technology Delft, while at the same time pursuing a career as an international lecturer. He has been the editor of several issues of the annual publication Architecture in the Netherlands, as well as an advisor of the magazine Archis (Volume), Hunch, Domus and Abitare. As author and photographer he also contributes to many other publications. After graduating from the University of Technology Delft, Roemer van Toorn published The Invisible in Architecture (1994), in collaboration with Ole Bouman; in this acclaimed encyclopedic manifest he dissects the varied range of cultural, economic, political and philosophic outlook within the contemporary architectural discourse with the aim of outlining the different positions and issues of today's architecture. His photography work has been exhibited in Winnipeg, Los Angeles and was part of the exhibition Cities on the Move curated by Hou Hanru and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Parts of his photo research on the Society of The And have been exhibited at Archilab. Currently he is working on the forthcoming text and photo book the Society of The And, which include; besides text by himself, articles by Stefano Boeri, and Bart Lootsma.

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