Beyond Mapping
Projecting the City

Berlage Institute, Rotterdam Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion
10 September – 17 November 2006

Concurrent with the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale (Cities, Architecture and Society, curated by Richard Burdett), the Berlage Institute was invited to showcase its distinctive approach to contemporary architecture in the Italian Pavilion of the Giardini. Four studio workshop projects were highlighted, each presented by a series of graphics and models with corresponding books and video discussions in an over-scaled “roundtable” format.

Curators Exhibition/Video:
Roemer van Toorn, Jennifer Sigler

General Management:
Roemer van Toorn with Sean Mooney, Nana Chen, Chintan Raveshia and Brandon Wyant.

Exhibition Design:
SMAK Projects, New York City, Alexis Katz, Sean Mooney with Jennifer Sigler, Roemer van Toorn

Video Editing:
Zuis, Amsterdam
Karel Poortman, Neeltje van der Haak, Roemer van Toorn

Chief Editor Special Hunch:
Roemer van Toorn

Special Hunch Biennale:
NL Ontwerp, Nandan Lemmers, Roemer van Toorn and Mick Morssink Berlage Institute

Nandan Lemmers, Mick Morssink

Roemer van Toorn
Rob Docter
Mick Morssink
Sean Mooney
Brandon Wyant
Marja van der Burg
Nana Chen
Changho Yeo
Flrorian Heizelman
Bae Yoon Kyung
Stephan Mehlhorn
Ross Adams
Chintan Raveshia
Daliana Suryawinata
Stephen Form

Commission Venice Biennale:
Alejandro Zaero Polo
Rob Docter
Vedran Mimica
Roemer van Toorn
Pier Vittorio Aureli
Peter Trummer
Yushi Uehara
Markus Schaefer

Klief, Contracters in the Arts, Rotterdam

Models of Icons China
Kappers Architectuur Presentatie, Louis Elkamp

Bouwfonds MAB
Richard Hutten


Photos Roemer van Toorn

Beyond Mapping. Projecting The City
Berlage Institute contribution at the International Architecture Biennale exposition in Venice 2006

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