From 1993 till September 2010 Roemer van Toorn has been Head of the Projective Theory Program of the Berlage Institute, Postgraduate Laboraratory of Architecture, and an active member of the Berlage faculty. In 1993 Herman Hertzberger (1st dean) and Kenneth Frampton asked Roemer van Toorn to help to built the History and Theory program of the Berlage Institute. With Wiel Arets (2nd Dean) Van Toorn started and founded the Berlage Institute PhD program in collaboration with the TU Delft. Till 2006 he was also Head of publications working together with chief editors Jennifer Sigler (founding editor Hunch), and Penelope Dean.

"Reality Demands a Theory" was the last overall Theory program of curriculum 2009/10 that Roemer van Toorn offered before moving to the Umeå School of Architecture. PDF of initial theory program below.

In 2013, due to severe ministerial budget cuts in culture, the Berlage Institute will reinvent herself in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft. On their The Berlage website they write:

Continuing the legacy of the Rotterdam-based Berlage Institute—a groundbreaking cultural platform for study, encounter, and debate in operation from 1990 to 2012—The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design—or "The Berlage" for short—is a new initiative of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). An independent organization linked to the TU Delft, The Berlage aims to generate study and discussion in architecture, urban design, and landscape, expanding the university context to a wider audience. Its activities have commenced in Autumn of 2012.

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